2012 Wrap Up

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We have called and you have answered.

We thought the excitement of the Jalopy Showdown in PA would be a great thing to bring back to Iowa. We didn’t have the funds to get it started so we got some seed money from Los Punk Rods out of KC. We got the word out through all the different individuals and car clubs in the midwest. Farley was overrun in 2010. Maquoketa was perfect in 2011. 2012 saw the grounds at Maquoketa overflowing. This is a good thing!

It means that we have achieved the goal of making the event a regional show, and start on making this a regional must attend. In order to make this happen – we have to have room to grow. And this inevitably means moving locations again.

Due to the lack of hotels, we have to move this to a bigger area-an area where restaurants are readily available and hotels are not as scarce. (Please note there will be Vintage Torque Fest special rates available at many hotels in Dubuque tomorrow.) The initial response we received from the Dubuque newspaper and 365Ink in 2010 was really favorable and we truly appreciate that. They have continued to support us and we hope they will stay on board as we proceed through the years.

The Dubuque County Fairgrounds has 92 acres which will give us more swap meet space, more room for hot rods, and more spectator parking. The grounds have same amount of indoor space, a dirt track, and two stages so we can keep bringing some of the best music in the country. We hope that everyone that came out in 2012 will continue to support us in 2013. There are so many people to give thanks to. Of course I have to thank my wife and kids for putting up with all the hours that are put into this event. For those of you that do not know – the planning for this event takes all year. And this comes at a cost – I don’t get to be with the wife and kids as much as I should. So I have to thank them for putting up with all the phone calls, meetings, and road trips. The Tin Militia CC were in charge of the volunteers this year, and even though they had 30 people fail to show up – they STILL managed to get this event to run smoothly! The Bombers CC made sure that the period correct cars were getting into the show and we appreciate all their efforts in maintaining the integrity of the show. Half Fast Chicago made it clear to the motorcycle crowd that the baggers and V Twin’s were for spectator parking and were on the gate from Thursday to the end of Saturday – thanks for making sure only the right bikes got in there. Tin Butchers have been in charge of the swap for the past 2 year and we hope they will want to continue the same set up next year! People loved the fact that Tin Butchers don’t let just any junk in….it has to be vintage auto related. We will have even more room to get all the old parts out there and we will keep the price affordable for those that unbury those lost treasures. Coronados CC were the host club and Maquoketa should know that it was their efforts that kept us at the Jackson County Fairgrounds for 2012. Rocky, Dane, Bruce & Darlene, Theresa, Rachel, Doug, Steve, Ash, Sara, Julie, my Dad, Mick, Justin, Pat, Gene…and a LOT of other people were there giving us countless hours of help. We truly appreciate all the efforts and know that if you are not named – it is simply because I have forgotten and I will thank you in person at one of the many events coming up. Sponsors help make the event actually run – so we thank Ol Skool Rodz, Victory Performance Parts, Robies Grading, and Car-N-Art for the amazing graphics. We have to thank all the artists that gave their time and energy to help the art auction – we raised $12K to help out the Hannah Wells Medical trust.

Everyone is obsessed with numbers and I guess I understand it…. ultimately what you have to ask yourself about ANY event – was it worth showing up? Did you have a fun time? If yes – we hope you will spread the word and join us for an even bigger year in 2013. The car count was 890. This INCLUDES the Coronados Car Club Classic & Chrome section. They had about 300 cars in their section. This means we had about 600 in the Vintage Torque Fest section of the show. Not all 600 were there both days. We had about 75 cars that made the event on Friday only. We almost had 100 show bikes there this year. Next year – we will try to reach that goal of 100 motorcycles and 700 traditional hot rod and customs. The paid admission was around 7,000 which is way up from last year. Again we are so grateful to everyone that made this event so special and we hope that you will want to continue to support it for years to come. The Lord above has brought us all together in a great hot rod communion. For that I am truly grateful. I hope you can join us at some of the other events coming up….. www.independentsyndicate.com for other shows you will enjoy. Make plans now for season ending Run Whatcha Brung nostalgia drags at Cordova Sept 29. And the following weekend will be Iron Invasion Oct 6 in Woodstock IL.


Thanks again and seeya soon.

John Wells
Event Coordinator, Vintage Torque Fest / Iron Invasion

Kim Wells
President, Helping Hannahs Heart Foundation

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