Demo Drag Racing Debut in Dubuque May 4

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Get ready Dubuque! Demolition Drag Racing is coming to Vintage Torque Fest.

Demolition Derby – a competition in which typically older cars are driven into each other until only one is left running.

Drag Race – a race between two or more cars over a short distance, as a test of acceleration.

Combine the two….and you have DEMO DRAG RACING!

Words you have never heard used to describe Vintage Torque Fest – Retread, Stale, Boring. In the never ending pursuit of gearhead entertainment, VTF has launched the first annual Demo Drags.

The rules are simple. Get a beater up to the starting line. Smash the gas when the light turns green. Hit the car next to you at least once. Get to the finish line first. Advance to the next round. Winner will receive nothing. Everyone will have a good time – spectators and racers. Vintage Torque Fest is THE season opener – accept no substitutes.

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