Iron Invasion Fun Despite the Rain

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For me, there has never been a better show. I was relaxed and really enjoyed the day. I was able to see a bit of each part of the show that makes it unique. Pat
Jones was able to manage all the bands with no problems. Robies Grading helped sponsor the show, and without Rob getting out there on the dirt, we never
would have been able to get out there and have a good time. Everyone attending the pin up contest seemed to have a good time, and Peek A Boo pinups
certainly made everything run smooth this year. The volunteer staff led by Mitch and Jenni Huffington ran seamlessly. There were never any issues with getting
the volunteer shifts changed out and we appreciate all those that took the time to give 2 or more hours of your day to help the show. Car inspection was nailed
down by Jerrad Rickard and we heard nothing but compliments about the right kind of cars coming into the show. A new addition to the show this year was Mr.
Invader which was the brainchild of Donna Cardia, and she saw it through to the end. Charlie Ryan won the competition – but that was never really in question.

Once he entered there was a collective sigh from the rest of the contestants knowing that Charlie had it in the bag. Ryan Johnston helped round up some rides to make the DIY stunt show a sight to see. Romin’ Chariots were helping with the camping this year and for the most part everyone seemed to have a great time in
the campgrounds. Doug and Sheri Siemen dedicated a lot of time with vendor set up, gate, and beer sales. The swap meet actually had 12 more vendors than
the previous year and The Tin Butchers always make sure that the correct swap items are for sale. My family and close friends spent countless hours helping set
up merchandise booths, front gate ticket sales, selling food, stuffing envelopes, and doing all the little tasks that make an event like this happen. Mike Vernola
and his wife Dawn were an invaluable liason for getting things done in Woodstock before and during the show. Eve Geist and Theresa & David Barber came all
the way to Woodstock from Iowa to help out with selling at the show and we can’t thank them enough. We appreciate the vendors and artists that supported the
show, and know that we are trying our best to get the spectators back in the door for 2014. The number of entries that were on site this year was 854. This is
TOTAL entries, meaning friends parking, motorcycles, hot rods and kustoms. The breakdown was 160 cars in the friends section, 93 vintage cycles, and 601 rods
and customs.

There were a LOT of car clubs that stepped up and gave us volunteer shifts at the show – Tin Militia, Rod Tossers, Slackers, Five Aces, Voodoo Kings, Twisted
Pistons, Oliver Built Group, The Aces, Wreckless Chicago, Piston Jammers, Instigators, Ton Up Club, Romin’ Chariettes, Blackwalls, Chrome Czars and others I am probably forgetting now.

I am not sure how to make changes for the future, but changes have to happen. My wife has spent this past year working on these events and trying to raise
funds to help other families who have experienced what we have with our daughter. To date we have only been able to give $5000 away. This $5000 is the only
money that has been raised over the cost of the shows. The cost to put on these events is not cheap and we are looking for suggestions on how to make this
work in the long term. Right now we are having a fun event, but we are not raising any money for the foundation. This can not happen long term, therefore
some changes will have to be made. We are open to suggestions and if you have anything – please email me direct at
Hope to see everyone at the Retro Rewind – Cars and Guitars and Film Festival on January 11, 2014

John Wells

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