“There is just too much going on at this show”  This is the common phrase heard at Vintage Torque Fest.  This is by design.  Vintage Torque Fest is much more than a normal car show.  If you are expecting to come to Torque Fest and see people lined up behind their cars in fold up chairs…..well….this is not the show for you.  There are stages of music, art show, swap meet, vendors, indoor theater, and a dirt track with different exhibitions to get everyone on their feet and moving around. If you are one of those people that sit by your car and wait to see spectator reactions to your car….. this may not be the show for you. Vintage Torque Fest is a participatory show and we need YOU to be a part of the action!  Go watch a live band, go purchase some art, make some new friends, find the parts you need in the swap, go watch some action on the track…..before you know it the weekend is over. And you will find that you had a much richer experience than many other shows where you just sit behind your car waiting for the lame car plaques to be handed out.