Art Auction

artauctioncollagebmp  Not only will we have special one off
contributions made by some great artists from  around the world.  We will also have some
pieces of their original art for sale!

Original pieces of art will need to be delivered to John Wells  by mid April.  If you wish to
have your art displayed properly – it should arrive already framed and matted.  We will NOT
have the time to be able to do this for the artists.  Please include your name, location, and
price with each piece that you send.  If you wish to contribute other pieces like bowling pins,
lamp shades, quarter panels, etc.  this will not be a problem.  They will be put on display along
with the more conventional art as well.

We are very grateful to all that are contributing original art to help the Hannah Wells Medical Trust. Please note that bringing art the day of the show will most likely mean you will not be a part of the live auction during the show.  You will instead be an upcoming feature artist on the Vintage Torque Fest Facebook page.

Please note that all proceeds from this auction will be paid to Hannah Wells Medical Trust. The funds from this auction go directly to the medical bills that Hannah incurs throughout the year. We appreciate everyone helping out and hope you will continue to support the cause. It should be noted that the gate proceeds do NOT go to help the expenses of Hannah Wells. The gate proceeds go to pay for the show. Then, if there is money left over, we donate the proceeds to other families that have children with congenital heart problems.

Contact John Wells for further questions:

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Our first year art show and auction featured reproductions of the Ed Big Daddy Roth Surfers Helmets.

The second year featured a reproduction of the Ed Roth Surfers Crosses.vtf20134



Third year featured RAT FINK – the ultimate Big Daddy Roth creation.


2013 was the year of the Surf Board!


2014 was the Deuce Art Auction & Show – the ’32 Grill was the canvas!

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2015 – TIKI was the theme

IMG_20150428_083936 IMG_20150428_085005

2016 is vintage gas pumps and the auction will take place at 3:00pm in Building B.