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Pre ’75 Choppers, Bobbers, & Kustoms. Foreign bikes welcome – no crotch rockets…… All Stock bikes that are pre ’65 – WELCOME! Independent bikes welcome!

Choppers, bobbers, customs are the bikes featured in the Cycle Source sponsored area of the indoor part of Torque Fest.

Motorcycles are not able to go out on the dirt track like the hot rods, unless pre approved and are a part of Flat Track MN.

Bring out your Norton, Triumph, vintage Harley or Indian, or BSA. Yes, custom Jap bikes are welcome. As long as the bikes will be something that looks like it would be in Choppers magazine circa 1969, Cycle Source or DicE magazine.

Occ Bikes, touring bikes, and fat boys are welcome – but will have special parking outside.

Bikes must be old-school/traditional looking choppers, bobbers, or pre ‘75 cafe racers. All pre-1965 STOCK motorcycles are welcome. Jap bikes are OK – no crotch rockets though – take a look at the current trends in Japan – the Yamaha SR400 is being transformed into something completely new.

  1. No art bikes
  2. No stock bikes
  3. No twin cam Harleys
  4. No new Indians, Buell, Big Dog, or West Coast Chopper/OCC style bikes
  5. No aluminum wheels
  6. No wide rear tires
  7. EVO bikes are OK – just need to be TRADITIONAL STYLE!

In order to get everyone in and parked quickly, there will be no reserved

parking. If your club wants to park together, you must arrive together.

We reserve the right to refuse entry to any vehicle that we feel does not fit the spirit of the show

Vintage Flat Track Exhibition

3/8 Mile at Dubuque County Fairgrounds

Free Grandstands – Entry into Vintage Torque Fest includes admission to watch!

Participants are solely responsible for their own safety. Anyone on track must sign insurance waiver. Must be 18 to enter.

Camping On Site – Contact Fairgrounds 563-588-1406

2011 Vintage Torque Fest


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