Pin-Up Contest


Torque Fest will have a classic Pin Up Contest in 2014 Miss (or Mrs.) Torque Thrust will be given her title at 10:30 AM on Saturday on Stage #1. Much like the hot rods and custom cars that are a part of Vintage Torque Fest, this will have specific rules as to who can enter and what kind of dress is appropriate for the contest.

There will be no adult content for this contest – if you are wanting to see writhing, grinding or other “adult” behavior then perhaps you should go to another event….this is part of a show that try to re create a period of time – specifically the late 50s/early 60s. As a result – all girls should wear period correct clothing. Absolutely no nudity or even anything close to it. Remember that stag films were the equivalent of today’s Victorias Secret commercial in the late 50s and this is NOT what we are after. We hope to class up the joint with some pretty women….we hope you will join us.

Thanks For All Those That Entered!  Please go to the Facebook Album and vote for your favorites!



Chez Von Schweikert
Prize $$$

Vintage Torque
Prize $$$



  • All contestants must sign up using the form at the bottom of this page.  Please provide all requested information.  You are able to submit your entry 2 weeks prior to the show.  Please register early so that you have the best chance to be in the top 15 gals!
  • Top 15 will be determined by the most likes that each contestants photos recieve on the Vintage Torque Fest Facebook page.
  • All contestants must be 18 years of age
  • Everyone must be in appropriate pinup attire, (i.e. classic vintage 40’s and 50’s clothing, no swimsuits, nothing too low or way too short, please don’t make us have to tell you that your rocking a look from 1986)
  • Each contestant will fill out a short questionaire (will be read on stage)
  • Each gal will answer one question on stage in Round 1 ( don’t worry we will post the questions a month before the show so you can be prepared and remember it’s just one question)
  • Then for round 2 the final 5 will be chosen by audience applause and the top 3 winners will be determined by a panel of 4 judges to crown the very 1st Miss Torque Thrust 2012!


  • Who inspired you…. Marilyn Monroe, Bettie Page or someone else?
  • Brownies…. plain or peanut?
  • Why should you be Miss Torque Thrust?
  • What 3 things can you not live without?
  • Favorite car and what do you like most about your favorite car?
  • Custom or Hot Rod, why?
  • Vices?
  • Name a fun fact about yourself
  • Name a car customizer from the 50’s or 60’s
  • What is the longest road trip you have gone on in a vintage car?
  • What is your favorite band/musical act past or present?
  • Favorite Brand of Clothing?
  • If you could have 1 car (pre 1965) what would it be?

Please keep in mind this is a family show and the answers need to be PG rated!