Frequently Asked Questions

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How much is it to get in?

Weekend pass until Jan 5 is $20
Weekend pass Jan 5-April 20 $25
Weekend pass day of show $30
Friday May 4 day pass $15 (includes entry to all track action)
Saturday May 5 day pass $20 (includes entry to all track action)

How much does it cost to show my car or motorcycle at Torque Fest?
There is NO ADDITIONAL COST for car or bike display.  There will be no car show if the car owners don’t bring their rides.  So we charge the same entry fee for everyone – spectators and car owners.

Will my car get in?

ALL cars are welcome at Vintage Torque Fest.  We have segregated parking at our show so that we can divide the traditional hot rods and customs from the muscle cars and stock classics.  The two sections of car parking are in a completely different area from spectator parking, so if you have a classic 57 Chevy – you do not have to worry about it being parked next to a van or some other daily driver.

Dubuque County Fairgrounds 14569 Old Highway Rd, Dubuque, IA 52002

Camping Info

Please click on the Location tab above for the camping information. Or call the Fairgrounds direct at 563-588-1406

Can I bring my dog to TorqueFest?

It seems every show that allows dogs there is some kind of incident involving the dogs. Insurance companies like the show WITHOUT dogs. This is not open for debate. If you have a dog on site – you will be asked to leave unless it is a service animal for the hearing or visually impaired.

“But MY dog is so friendly” – That is great, take them for a walk back to your car and crack the window.

“I always have my dog on a leash” – So did the little lady at the Rumblers show in NYC. SHE got hurt from the dog dragging her to go attack another dog!

The last thing we want to do is jeopardize the show by upsetting the dog owners. But we would rather upset them, than have the insurance rates be so high that we can’t put on another show.


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